ARPAB maintains a certification process to distinguish professionals who have demonstrated proficiency and knowledge in radiation safety.  ARPAB also maintains a register of people who have achieved certification. The register can be referenced to determine whether a person has been awarded such certification.

Persons on the register have been assessed in both a general knowledge of radiation protection principles, and an in-depth knowledge in their areas of radiation safety expertise. As part of the certification process, ARPAB provides both examiners for the theoretical component, and assessors for the practical evaluation of applicants. Once certification has been awarded and a person is placed on the register, they need to demonstrate to ARPAB that they have maintained their professional skills for their certification to be renewed.

ARPAB holds regular meetings to review applications for certification, approve applicants who have passed the requirements for certification, and to provide advice to those who need to broaden their knowledge or skills to attain the standards required.

The work of ARPAB is funded by the charges levied for the initial certification process, renewal fees for remaining on the register, and support from the sponsoring societies. Secretarial services are kindly provided by ARPS, and members of ARPAB as nominees of the sponsoring societies provide their services on a voluntary basis.

Businesses, regulatory bodies and the public can be assured that by engaging a person with ARPAB certification for radiation safety advice, the advice is being provided by a person who has had their competency assessed, and is bound by ARPAB’s Code of Ethics.