The Board is made up of 4 members from each of the 3 sponsoring societies.

Get ARPAB Certified

See what’s involved in obtaining ARPAB certification, download and read the Candidate’s kit.

People with current ARPAB certification are:

Lee Thomas Collins
Tomas Kron
Kent Gregory (CRSE)
Cameron Jeffries (CRSE)
Artem Boryshenko
Riaz Akber (CRSE)
Thomas Greig
Neha Kodwani
Felix Werner
Drew Watson

Richart Smart
Mamoon Haque
Darren Billingsley
Daniel Emes
Michael Went
Michael Gilhen (CRSE)
Stephen Rutkowski
Alice Jagger
Chithradevi Sathiakumar

Benjamin Khoo
Brent Rogers (CRSE)
Simon Toomey
William Bartolo
Rikki Nezich
Dean Crouch (CRSE)
Cameron Storm
Prabhakar Ramachandran
Jim Hondros